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Are You Sleeping? Presented by Sheryl Brooks, R.N.

Hopefully you’ve learned how to create and maintain great eating and exercise plans, but did you know you can also create a plan for better sleep? Research has revealed that sleep, is one of the basic building blocks of good health. Although we live in a society where trading sleep time for getting more things done in a day is often the norm, the truth is that our brains and bodies require adequate amounts of good quality sleep to stay healthy. Sleep deprivation has negative affects on aging, immune system function, metabolism, reaction time, memory, blood pressure, and much more. As a group learn what’s happening to your body and brain while you sleep. Learn what you are doing each day and night that is contributing to keeping you awake and create a plan to work with, not against your body and brain’s ability to get a better night’s sleep.

Seen in the New York Times 2014

$75 / 90 Min.