outdoor meditation


Engage in a meditation practice with the experts in mindfulness techniques.


In this class we work with our breath to strengthen the energetic systems of the body/mind. Breathwork is a wonderful way to lead one into meditation or any physical fitness routine, and can be used to directly address a number of negative habit patterns. We will offer effective tools to calm your mind and utilize your breath to reduce stress and promote health and well-being.

Chakra Meditation

Connect to your seven energy centers through this guided meditation, which explores each Chakra's relationship to different core issues and how they relate to you and your life experience.

Forgiveness Meditation

In order to release deeply held feelings of negativity to ourselves or others, we must be able to forgive. Forgiveness meditation opens and softens the heart and allows us to let go of shame, blame, guilt, and anger and replace this with openness, patience, compassion, and friendliness. Forgiveness does not mean that we condone a harmful action, deny injustice, or forget. When we are held captive by our own or others' past actions we carry resentment and our present life can only be partially lived. In forgiveness we begin to give birth to a new and renewed self, free from the burdens of the past.

*Offered periodically

Floating Meditation

Enjoy the pleasure of being suspended from the ceiling in a nurturing yoga hammock while your mind is gently guided into a relaxed state. Experience the calming benefits of induced meditation while you are gently rocked to the soothing vibrations of crystal bowls. Release your mind’s stress, tension or worry while you “float” weightlessly in a silk hammock.

"Words are inadequate to express the uniquely nurturing experience I had during the Floating Meditation. The multi-sensory feelings of being securely snugged in a silk wrap from head to toe, suspended in the air, slowly rocking, and crystal bowls singing combine into something more profound than the parts alone. It is though you are in a cocoon of total support to allow peace to flow into your entire being." - Susan B., Longmont, Colorado


$75 / 45 Min. 

May cause motion sickness

Gratitude Meditation

An active form of meditation that cultivates contentment by engaging the mind in appreciative thoughts.

Healing Visualizations Meditation

Healing Visualizations is an active form of meditation that engages the mind and harnesses the power of positive imagery to bring about states of well-being that create a pathway for mind-body healing to occur.

Labyrinth Journey

Walking our outdoor labyrinth is a type of meditation – a way to move into a meditative state of awareness without sitting still. This walk frees your mind to take in the experience on any level, and involves nothing more than following the path from the entrance to the center, and back again. Labyrinth walks may be used to facilitate forgiveness, resolve conflict, aid in decision making, express gratitude, or simply to provide relaxation. The Labyrinth (sometimes called the path of silence) is a tool of walking meditation that provides a safe, serene environment to focus inward.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving kindness is a 2,500 year-old meditation practice that uses repeated phrases of goodwill to evoke a feeling of friendliness and kindness towards ourselves and others. In Western terms, it is like a prayer, or a cycle of prayers. It is very useful for quieting distracting thoughts and feelings and cultivating deep states of concentration.

Mindful Stress Mastery

This longer-format class is a great opportunity to step back and think deeper about how we generate stress and how we can orient ourselves to stressors in new and powerful ways. While at Miraval Resort, you'll learn that there are no magic techniques, yet through the development of mindful awareness we teach you how to better regulate the body, guide the mind towards less negative patterns, and balance the emotions. This course blends lecture, discussion, and experiential elements to give guests a firm understanding of mindfulness and how to use it realistically and creatively in their daily life. Learn how the stress phenomenon operates within you and how to apply mindfulness to reduce, manage and master stress responses.

Mindfulness at Miraval

You will hear and see the term “Mindfulness” often at Miraval. Mindfulness is a special way of paying attention and a core concept that shapes the Miraval programs and environment. We believe that this way of paying attention enhances our life experience and gives us inner resources for dealing with difficulties as well. We hope all our guests will get a chance to explore this during their stay, and benefit from it long after they depart. This course will go over basic concepts and simple techniques to stimulate mindful awareness in daily life. This is an introduction to the concept, benefit, and practice of present moment awareness. Recommended for all first-time guests.

Morning Meditation

Begin your day with the serenity of sitting meditation. This is Miraval’s signature Mindful Meditation, the practice of bringing awareness to our moment-to-moment experience. This simple--but not easy--practice of acceptance, letting go, non-striving and suspension of the judgmental mind leaves us with a deep sense of openness and receptivity to ourselves, to others, and to the moment as it unfolds. Profoundly impact the rest of your day by starting your morning in the serenity of sitting meditation.

Sound Meditation

Experience this positive effect of sound and vibration as a way to calm the mind, settle the emotions and balance the body, life and spirit. Using many tools and techniques, from the huge waves of crystal bowls to the subtle waves coming from the vibrations of your own breath, you will learn new ways to listen and recognize how sound affects you. Settle emotions and balance the body with the positive influence of sound and vibration.

*Periodically Offered

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra Meditation is an ancient method of relaxation, meditation, and contemplation. This practice is designed to guide you into a state of deep relaxation while your mind is gently engaged in an endeavor to keep you wakeful and conscious throughout the exercise. The ability to remain aware while progressing into a state of deep rest has many therapeutic benefits and is a key tool used for the development of self-awareness.