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Exercise Physiology

What does your body do when you work out? Find out at Miraval.

Heart Rate Diagnostic

An exercise physiologist will perform a cardiovascular test on the equipment you choose and determine where your heart rates should be for maximal efficiency. You'll also come away with personalized recommended cardio workouts for maximal results

50 Min | $150

Optimal Fitness Diagnostic

Work with an exercise physiologist to get a detailed picture of your current fitness, including aerobic ability, blood pressure, and accurate percentage body fat. Exit this session with an exercise plan that honors where you are, while charting a path to future health and fitness. This is a service for all abilities, from just starting to the veteran fitness enthusiast.

50 Min | $150

Smart Muscle: The Prescription

Physiologists have always dreamed of being able to look into the muscle and past the complications of standard lab testing in order to give exercise prescriptions that have laser accuracy for every client. That time has arrived with a new wave of wearable technology that utilizes a compression sleeve on your calf, LED emitters, and a smart phone to accurately measure the stress levels in the muscle. With easy access to data that was previously only dreamed of, our Miraval physiologists can give accurate and personalized exercise prescriptions that can be replicated at home with this amazing new technology. Follow-up phone sessions are available to review progress using the data you gather from home workouts. Adjust with ease and direction from our physiology team.

 50 Min | $185

Follow-up phone session: You must have had a private session first to book a follow-up session. 
30 Min | $75