Leigh Weinraub

Champion Motivator & Action Based Therapist

leigh weinraub

Setup a Walk and Talk session or time on the tennis courts with Coach Leigh during your visit by calling our Experience Planning team at 800.232.3969

Available Dates:

July 14-16
October 11-12
December 28-3


As a competitor, Leigh was a top nationally-ranked junior tennis player and a full scholarship athlete for the Big 10 championship Northwestern  tennis team. Leigh’s background playing at the highest levels provides her with a sound foundation of the principles of performance enhancement and stress management. Because of this foundation, Leigh has the ability to help others execute in high-pressure situations and understands how to motivate top-tier individuals and groups.


Her passion for sports led her to a career as the tennis coach at Dartmouth College and at Northwestern University. While coaching at Northwestern, Leigh led the team to four Big Ten championships and the #3 ranking in the nation. She has over ten years of experience coaching individuals and teams to maximize success, enhance performance and develop the self-awareness to improve. As sports are a metaphor for  life, Leigh helps her clients develop skills that apply to life including body awareness, concentration, overcoming fear and trusting intuition, thus facilitating clients to perform at their highest levels in work, in sport and in life.


Leigh received her Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Northwestern University. She believes in a client-centered approach thatprovides guidance, enlightenment and support to help clients grow. Her  extensive training in Positive Psychology, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and her cognitive-behavioral approach provides Leigh with awealth of therapeutic options that allow her to offer an individualized program for each client.

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