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December 11-15

February 5-9
March 26-30
April 16-20
May 21-25
September 10-14
October 15-19
November 12-16
December 10-14

Joy is our birthright. Yet our current stressful mode of existence takes this away from us. Working with Wyatt Webb in the Miraval’s Equine Experience™ Immersion, you will learn how to reclaim your birthright to gain greater self awareness and experience personal growth. Each morning you will work with horses, with group practice and development in the afternoon. You’ll challenge learned behaviors, correct false beliefs, and rediscover your authentic self.

Miraval’s Equine Experience™ Immersion with Wyatt Webb, Miraval’s Director of Equine Programs, devotes six hours per day of very focused personalized attention to help you rediscover the life you were meant to lead. “This is an environment where each person will have the opportunity to correct negative perceptions and move into the presence of how capable they are and can continue to be through using the awareness gained in this program,” says Wyatt. “The support of your fellow group members presents you with the gift that you are not alone.” Your inherent value as a human being will be revealed so as to deeply deplete the self criticism you have lived with far too long.”

The Equine Immersion begins on Sunday night with a two hour introductory group and is followed by three days devoted to the equivalent of twenty hours of intense group therapy. You will spend three hours each morning with horses at our stables and three hours each afternoon in group process in a meeting room at the resort. The Equine Immersion is perfect for groups, individuals or couples wishing to address either general or more specific relationship issues. Wyatt’s intention is safety and support for each individual and for the group as a whole.

Wyatt Webb is the bestselling author of It’s Not About the Horse, It’s About Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt: Journey Into Present Moment Time and What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do: Common Horse Sense.

This eye-opening In-Depth Exploration when added to a customized 4-night stay at Miraval includes luxury accommodations, three gourmet meals daily, non-alcoholic beverages, personal greeting and transportation to and from Tucson International Airport, and unlimited access to all scheduled programs and activities.

Tuition Fee of $650.00 plus tax, per person will be added to the total cost of your stay at Miraval for participation in this exclusive in-depth exploration. Book now by calling 800.232.3969.


Day 1

7pm - 8:30pm Introduction

Day 2

6:30am - 8:30am Breakfast & Miraval programming 
9am Equine Experience
12pm - 2pm - Lunch on own & Reflection
2pm - 5pm - Group Process
5:30pm - 9pm - Dinner on own & Miraval Programming

Day 3

6:30am - 8:30am Breakfast & Miraval Programming
9am Equine Experience
12pm - 2pm Lunch on own & Reflection
2pm - 5pm Group Process
5:30pm - 9pm Dinner on own & Miraval Programming

Day 4

6:30am - 8:30am Breakfast and Miraval Programming
9am Equine Experience
12pm - 2pm Lunch on own & Reflection
2pm - 5pm Group Process & Closure
5:30pm - 9pm Dinner on own & Miraval Programming

Day 5




Wyatt Webb is the founder and leader of the EQUINE EXPERIENCE at Miraval Arizona. The Equine Experience provides profound insight into communication within relationships. Working on the ground with specially selected horses, guests begin to see patterns of learned behavior that may be working against them. Wyatt offers 4-day workshops and daily classes for anyone looking to better understand their communication process in an effort to improve personal and professional relationships and bring joy to their lives.