Miraval Cookbooks

sweet and savory cooking

Sweet & Savory Cooking

With the use of fresh ingredients and spa-cuisine techniques, this book will show you how to bring the Miraval experience to your own kitchen. Whatever your culinary skill level may be, you’ll learn to blend flavors to create bold, delicious dishes without the added calories and fat. A number of celiac-friendly recipes and low-fat substitutions are also included so you can prepare meals that fit the dietary needs of you and your family.


mindful eating cookbook

Mindful Eating Cookbook

With recipes for peanut butter (made with carrots) and Caesar salad dressing (made with silken tofu), the spirit of Mindful Eating is not deprivation, but rather the use of unexpected techniques and flavor and texture blends combining to a gratifying effect. An entire chapter of the book contains mindful cocktail recipes, exemplifying the resort’s guiding philosophy that all choices, when made mindfully, are healthy and acceptable.


“The book is an honest presentation of spa cuisine. The recipes are well thought-out and balanced without a hint of deprivation of flavors.”

— Kevin Graham, author of Grains, Rice, and Beans; Creole Flavors; and Simply Elegant: The Cuisine of the Windsor Court Hotel; awarded “Best New Chef” in 1991 by Food & Wine magazine

shrimp and mango ceviche

Visit our Mindful Blog for amazing Miraval recipes you can try at home. There's no reason to sacrifice flavor when you're trying to cut calories - let our chefs show you how.