By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

Miraval Resort & Spa 

Late the August 31 or on the east coast early on September 1, Venus goddess of love and beauty and Mars, the planet of action conjoin in Leo bringing romance and social pleasure especially for  the fire signs. Venus is still retrograde but slowing down to go direct on the 6th. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate one's values and what is important in relationships. Creativity and being in the spotlight await those born near August 6-8.

On Wednesday September 2 Jupiter and Uranus combine in a stressful angle to each other can bring up unexpected changes or an erratic urge for independence and impulsive actions in particular for Aries born near April 8-10. 

Thursday September 3, Mercury, the planet or communication and slippery Neptune weave tales of wonder for creative writers or beautiful songs for musicians but can also indicate muddled communications or passive aggressive tendencies when confronted. This is likely to annoy for Librans born near October 1-2.

On Saturday September 5, the sun in harmony with Pluto in earth signs signaling greater confidence and brings a sense or authority or leadership to Virgos born near September 5-7 and Capricorns December 3-5.

After Labor Day the fall kicks into full swing on Tuesday September 8 as Mars, the planet of action synchronizes with Uranus, the planet of innovation. Changes now bring more freedom or ease in your life. This is an excellent time to find solutions or purchase a car or computer.  Those born near August 11-12 and April 8-9 can expect a smooth ride.

Miraval's resident beekeeper Noel Patterson shares his intimate knowledge of honey bees and their importance for a sustainable environment. He will inspire you, ignite your tastebuds, and we guarantee you'll learn something new. 

There are 3 different ways to spend time with Noel depending on your interest from honey tasting to donning a bee suit and going out to Miraval's bee hives for a hands-on experience.  

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Packing Healthy Lunches for Kids - Part 3 of 3 Part Back to School blog series

By Angela Onsgards, R.D.

With the first day of school right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how we will fuel our children and keep them energized and alert throughout the school day.  One of the most important tips that I recommend to parents is involving their children in planning and preparing their school lunches.  This will increase the likelihood that the kids will enjoy their lunch and decrease trading with other kids for less healthy choices. 

A good rule of thumb is to provide 1 serving of grain or starchy vegetable, 1 serving of lean or plant-based protein, a healthy source of fat, and lots of non-starchy vegetables and fruit.

6 Sleep Tips To Create A Great 1st Day - Part 2 of 3 Part Back to School blog series

By Sheryl Brooks, Registered Nurse

When getting your child or teenager ready to learn and to start the school year right, creating good sleep habits should happen right along with choosing the right backpack, shoes and supplies. Teaching kids that sleep is important and that good choices support good sleep is one more way to help them create healthy habits for life, as well as a successful school year.

Go Green Juice Recipe

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Re-starting the Back-To-School Routine, Part 1 of 3 Part Back to School blog series

By Anne Parker, Wellness Counselor

Back-to-school beckons – even though the calendar still says it is summer! Making the transition to back-to-school routines can be challenging. You will pave the way for a workable routine by getting down to basics in a very specific way. Attention to the details and being realistic, even about the obvious things, will create a smooth transition.

By: Miraval’s Kim Kelder, Lead Aesthetician & Skin Care Specialist

By: Miraval’s MaryGrace Naughton, Yoga & Meditation Specialist 

I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and am delighted when I see students smile. I love when a student isn’t caught up in taking themselves so seriously that they forget to have fun and enjoy this body they are living in.

By Leigh Weinraub, Action Based Therapist

Individuals with higher degrees of emotional intelligence are able to identify, manage, and communicate about their emotions. They pay fierce attention to their bodies and therefore are skilled at recognizing when certain emotions are arising. Their keen sensory perception helps them respond and moderate emotion before they become flooded by them. They are able to reveal these emotions more truthfully with others, and are more attuned at reading them in the people around them.

It is essential to know what the meaning of the word EMOTION means when you think about becoming more emotionally intelligent. E-MOTION literally means “energy in motion” in the body. One must be able to kinesthetically feel the energy that is flowing inside them. They also must be able to create positive emotion (ENERGY IN MOTION) throughout their bodies and also be aware that their emotion (ENERGY IN MOTION) not only affects them, but also infects all of those around them. Emotional intelligence is one of the most significant components to having a healthy relationship with yourself and others..... SO INVEST THE TIME INTO DEVELOPING IT!

If you want to increase your emotional intelligence and optimize how to use it your social, relational and physical life...  focus on these 3 ACTIONABLE CONCEPTS:

By Lisa Frank, M.Ed., Wellness Counselor and Yoga Instructor

Yoga is often depicted in today’s society by women in tight colorful pants posing in twisted positions.  However, this ancient practice offers as many benefits to our mental-emotional-social state as to our physical one.  Yoga in Sanskrit means “union”, it is a way of living in conscious connection with all.  All parts of us, all beings everywhere, all of the universe.  A way of cultivating mind and body connection, deeper connection to one’s true Self, and connection with humanity.  In a quest for belonging, acceptance, and meaning, yoga provides a way.  Its rich teachings can be applied on the mat and perhaps more importantly can translate as lessons to help us be our more realized selves off the mat.  Here is a toolbox of lessons to get you started.

Mat as Mirror

The mat is a mirror of self-discovery to help us become more conscious of what's happening in the new now.  Pay attention to your breath and body in the present moment and you will become more self-aware and able to reflect yourself clearly to the world.