By: Miraval’s Rebecca Wilkinson, Wellness Counselor, M.A.

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Most of us would never identify ourselves as artists—kindergarten may have been the last time we made art.  In fact, most of us would rather avoid ever calling to attention to our lack of artistic skill.

So why do art if we have no artistic talent?  The simplest answer is that art is a way of learning something about ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to find out any other way.  It gives us information that we didn’t have before.

For example, when people are at a crossroads in their lives, Art Therapists often use art to help them decide how they should proceed.   We suggest that they use color, line, and shape to draw the path they are on and we ask “What would be different if things were the best they could be?  How would you feel?  What and who would be in your life?“

By: Miraval’s Nancy Teeter, Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian

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Certainly, you’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Current studies support this axiom, and this nutritionist heartily recommends that you break your overnight fast with some healthy carbs, protein and fat.  Here are four reasons to start your day with a healthy breakfast. 


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By: Miraval’s Sheryl Brooks, R.N., N.C.M.P.

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Traveling? - Have fun, be present, stay well

Changing seasons often coincide with holiday breaks and the opportunity for travel.  Have you ever planned the perfect getaway,  expecting to energize, relax, have fun, and return home feeling better than when you left, but instead return with a cold you picked up somewhere along the way?  This time, be proactive and protect yourself from those nasty germs.  Here are some helpful tips for staying your healthiest while on the road.

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By Kim Kelder, Miraval's Skincare Specialist 

Miraval's Lead Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist, Kim Kelder, shares some must have skin care products for the spring!

CLARINS UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40

  • What it is: A SPF that protects the skin from the sun, environmental pollution, and free radicals.
  • What it is formulated to do: This sheer, oil-free formula offers triple protection. It shields the skin from sun damage, fights wrinkles and DNA damage, and delivers a dose of Clarins powerhouse antioxidant complex to fight wrinkle-causing free radical damage.
  • Ingredients: Cantaloupe Melon Extract: Contains an exceptional concentration of super oxide dismutase, an antioxidative enzyme that neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals on skin. 100% Mineral UVA/UVB Filters: Titanium Dioxide, guarantees high protection while respecting the skin. Plant Polymers: Create an invisible "veil" on the skin, letting it breathe without leaving white traces.

By: Miraval’s Sheryl Brooks, R.N., N.C.M.P.

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Daylight saving time officially begins at 2 am this Sunday, March 8th.  Although it may be only a slight annoyance to reset clocks or appliances, that one hour change can wreak havoc for days as far as your body is concerned. 

As a nurse I have seen on the job accidents happen more frequently, productivity decline, and have read the research that shows an increase heart attacks when we lose that one hour of sleep that happens when we spring forward. 

Circadian rhythm is the predictable biological and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle-our master clock, basically.  Even with just that one hour shift in that rhythm we feel and function differently.  That difference is in part because our hormones are released differently and those hormones impact our appetite, how alert we are and how much inflammation is present in our bodies.  Such changes can make an existing medical condition, such as cardiac disease worse.

By: Miraval’s Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

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This month several major astrological events are worth mentioning.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance retrograde in favorable relationship to Uranus, the planet of progress is exact on March 3rd. The need to experience freedom and independent decisions can open new doors. This transit is often associated with sudden good luck and so it is an excellent time to take a chance. The ability to grasp new ideas and understand quickly changing situations makes this an excellent financial period. Projects or jobs begun under this influence are likely to be fortunate. You may have the opportunity to purchase a computer, car or new equipment. Chance meetings with influential people can bring excitement. This is often a turning point in which some are able to overcome limiting circumstances. But don't just sit back and wait for things for fall in your lap! This and especially fortunate time for those born August 6-7 and Aries born April 3-4.

By: Nancy Teeter, R.D.

Since the ground hog saw his shadow on February 2nd, most Americans are in for an extended period of time without sunshine.  Vitamin D, known as the “sunshine vitamin” is manufactured by our skin cells when exposed to sunlight.  More than half of the US lies north of the 37th parallel, so even on bright sunny winter days, the sun’s rays are not strong enough to generate production of vitamin D.   Even if you spend your winter in the southern states--where the sun’s rays are more direct--cloud cover, sunscreen lotions, limited time outdoors, clothing cover and skin pigmentation can lessen the production of vitamin D. Without exposure to sunlight on your bare skin, vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency are real possibilities. 


Valentine's Day is a holiday that is usually celebrated with sweet cards and chocolates, but what if instead this year you really focus on ways to help your relationship continue to flourish? Try these 8 tips and enjoy the fruits of your mindful relationship.

By: Anne Parker, MA, MHSA.

#1 Be Present

The way to connect to those you love is by being present – over and over and over again! Being present means fully engaging in what is being shared between you in that moment – truly paying attention to the thoughts, feelings, and actions you are experiencing together. This may sound obvious and straightforward, and it is.  But how often do we let other distractions interfere with true presence? Without engaged presence, relationships quickly wither.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and it's time to plan your menu. Since the Super Bowl is being hosted in Arizona this year your guest will be expecting a little heat on their plate. Let Miraval help you spice up your menu this year with a great pizza recipe and an Arizona inspired cocktail!

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The New Year has brought some great new offerings to Miraval and we can't wait to share them with you on your next visit!

Common Ground

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