Serve something new with this mindful cocktail that is easy-to-make and perfect for your upcoming summer festivities. 

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Vanilla Bean Flan with Fresh Berries and Sweetened Whipped Cream

While you plan your summer BBQ menu, don't forget dessert! Impress your guests with this delicious flan. 


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Aerial Yoga


Suspended three feet above ground with the support of silk hammocks, I’m stretching and pulling my way to stronger muscles while also realigning my body naturally. By the end of class, I feel empowered and even a little proud as I recall the poses I’d achieved that I never dreamed I could master. 

By: Miraval's Tejpal, M.A.  M.B.A. Brennan Healing Practitioner

Either you are looking for deeper healing, a meaningful connection to your spirituality or better self-care at the physical level, you often leave Miraval with a true desire to change some of your habits, shift your mindset and connect deeper to your heart.

No matter what you are focusing on, you will count on your discipline to make it happen. However I invite you to rethink what discipline truly is.


Be the cobra, invigorated in a heightened state of energy — and the monk, tranquil, mindful, and meditative — at the same time.

The Nâga is a mystical, shape-shifting creature from Thai mythology. Powerful cobra, swift serpent, or simple human — it can also achieve a monk-like state of enlightenment. When you enter the Yucca Cabana for Nâga service at Miraval, you won’t find snakes or monks, but you will find Peter Bird and Melanie Eldridge, Thai massage experts who have spent time studying and communing around Thailand. Based on a combined 30+ years of bodywork experience, Peter and Melanie curated a space of tranquility, reverence, and fluid motion. Along with therapist Matt Jarvis, their team combines sinew and silk to encourage dialogue, collaboration, and an individually tailored-to-you treatment. 


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Whether he likes strength training, relaxing in the spa, or enjoying our challenge course, a visit to Miraval allows him to experience his favorite activities. 


By: Miraval's Jes Gale, Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Despite our best intentions, the hard truth of any practice is that sometimes our attention wanes. Boredom sets in. Sometimes so much so that it becomes difficult to actually practice whatever that practice is. With many things, practice and consistency are important. Yoga is no different. In fact, consistency is the foundation on which yoga is built!

Even though we are instructed through yogic philosophy to be consistent and non-attached in our practice, the hard truth is that the practice wanes.


By Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

On the 1st, the sun is in a challenging square to nebulous Neptune which can create an atmosphere of misunderstandings or errors in judgment. Neptune rules the sign Pisces and is a water planet indicating rain, even floods or sweltering heat. Floating meditation is an excellent way to use the higher vibrations of the moment.

The next day, Venus also squares off with Neptune now in its own sign Pisces. This is a romantic and creative couple of days but some will see love through rose-colored glasses.

On the 3rd, the sun opposes somber Saturn. Energy may be low during this period of delays or obstacles.  Patience and perseverance can further ambitions. Also on the 3rd, Venus opposes Saturn which can be an excellent time to paint, clean and organize home or office. Extra responsibilities to loved ones may take up your time. Some may be missing loved ones. Gemini and Sagittarius could be experiencing strain in relationships.

By: Dr. Mark Pirtle, Stress Illness Specialist 

“What you practice you become, what you become has consequences.” - Anonymous

Scientific studies prove that meditation and mindfulness training brings about many positive effects. These include amplified feelings of wellbeing, improved attention, and enhanced proactive and prosocial behavior. Additionally, meditation and mindfulness have been shown to reduce both physical and mental pain, rumination, anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity and compulsivity. All these reasons argue for a daily practice.

By: Miraval’s Andrew Wolf, M.S. ED Exercise Physiologist

My personal history with stretching is a complicated one.  When I have tried to incorporate stretching routines in the past, I usually end up doing a bit too much and find myself regretting it later.  That being said, I have simplified my routine to a couple of core stretches that are germane to the tightness and pain that I can feel post exercise.  What I am trying to say is that stretching is not a one size fits all affair.  Play with different stretches over time keeping the ones that make you feel good and dropping the ones that make the situation worse.  All we are trying to do with stretching is balance weak muscles with strong ones so we do not get so far out of alignment that we feel pain.  Do what feels good!