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By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

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The first week of May is highlighted by the full moon in Scorpio May 3rd which squares Jupiter.  Passions can flair up as facts come to light revealing legal questions regarding debt, taxes or injustice.  Who can be trusted, who is being set in their ways. Extra expenses  can especially affect those born on or near May 3rd, Nov 4-5 while those born near August 4-5 could find travel quite an adventure. On May 3rd as well Mercury opposes a retrograde Saturn falling from Gemini to Sagittarius. Pessimism or a critical nature is the pitfall and a square to Neptune at the same time may require fact-checking to avoid misleading information. Focus and concentration for those engaged in creative endeavors can  lead to a very productive period for those with discipline. This is a critical day for Gemini born on or near May 23-24, Sagittarians born on or near November 24-25.


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By MaryGrace Naughton, Yoga & Meditation Specialist 

We all know there are no actual waves in this beautiful desert, so what is up with the name of this class!?

By: Miraval’s Anne Parker, Wellness Counselor

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Cell phones and tablets and laptops! Oh, My!

How can I live more mindfully and still deal with all the demands of technology?

This is a series of 3 blogs discussing the negative impacts of how we relate to technology. The first two discuss negative impacts on our personal well-being. The third discusses negative impacts on our relationships.

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By: Miraval’s Sheryl Brooks, Registered Nurse

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Here are 7 tips to help encourage healthy sleep!

  1. Your bedroom should be a personal haven that you look forward to curling up in each night.  Create it to be relaxed and inviting by choosing soft, soothing colors, clearing out clutter or anything else that doesn’t promote what bedrooms are made for.  Televisions, computers and laundry interrupt sleep and romance so don’t bring them in.
  2.  Your sleep hormone, melatonin is interrupted by light.  Keep your bedroom as dark as possible to promote sleep.  Consider room darkening shades, or wear a comfortable eye mask if you want that night light on.  If you r room is dark and you wake up easier when there is light consider an alarm clock that shines light to wake you or set a timer on your bedside lamp so it turns on a few minutes before your alarm goes off.  

By: Miraval’s Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

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Serious Saturn is in harmony with Mercury the planet of the mind and communication at the beginning of April. The first few days of the month are excellent for study and taking care of paperwork (like doing taxes)!  Getting organized and planning ahead is advised.  This will be easy for those Aries born near March 24th a Sagittarians born near November 26th.


By: Miraval’s Rebecca Wilkinson, Wellness Counselor, M.A.

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Most of us would never identify ourselves as artists—kindergarten may have been the last time we made art.  In fact, most of us would rather avoid ever calling to attention to our lack of artistic skill.

So why do art if we have no artistic talent?  The simplest answer is that art is a way of learning something about ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to find out any other way.  It gives us information that we didn’t have before.

For example, when people are at a crossroads in their lives, Art Therapists often use art to help them decide how they should proceed.   We suggest that they use color, line, and shape to draw the path they are on and we ask “What would be different if things were the best they could be?  How would you feel?  What and who would be in your life?“