By: Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

Entrepreneurial Mars in Aquarius is in harmony with Jupiter in Libra on December 1st.  This is an excellent time to start projects or begin new jobs. Travel can be adventurous or career training highly beneficial. The air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have a particularly fortunate period now.

On December 3rd Mars, the God of Courage and Action, works well with disciplined Saturn in Sagittarius makes this a good time to repair mechanical equipment, have elective surgery, or purchase new office equipment. Progress is made in work projects.

Noel Patterson invites you to turn on your senses, open your heart, and participate in the creation of something new at Miraval. You may have seen or heard the buzz around the grounds about the newest workers — honey bees.

Noel is chief steward of the Apiary at Miraval, a blooming field of brittlebush that hosts 20 hives of thriving, toiling honey bees. Before becoming a beekeeper, Noel spent years working as a certified sommelier, representing distributors of wines from all over the world. “There’s something about honey and wine,” Noel muses, “that gets people excited to learn about them. It’s about language, history, soil — it’s our culture.”


Prickly Pear Marinated Duck Breasts with Cranberry-Orange Chutney

Indulge in a healthy meal without sacrificing bold flavors with this delicious signature recipe. 

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A perfect Thanksgiving dessert. Enjoy the holiday with our irresistible Chocolate-Cranberry Coconut Macaroons!

By Anne Parker, Wellness Counselor


The holiday season is known to be the most wonderful time of the year. You get to enjoy delicious food and create lasting memories with friends and loved ones you may have not seen in a while. But, the holidays may also bring on stress and depression from all of the party planning, shopping, cooking, and entertaining. With some practical tips, you can minimize the stress that the holiday season brings and enjoy the time with your friends and loved ones. 

By: Miraval’s Andrew Wolf, M.S. ED Exercise Physiologist


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The holiday season is a time for gratitude and sharing our love for family and friends. Freshen up your traditional dishes and add a Miraval inspired twist to your dinner party this year. With these mindfully inspired recipes, you can create brand new traditions for your family and friends that will encourage mindful eating all year long!

Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

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We’ve all heard the old adage “warm hands, warm heart”. The hands are a vital link to the body. Moving the fingers and palms in specific ways influences the body, specifically the brain and the nervous system. Mudras are a kind of yoga practice, for the hands. You may already practice mudras without even realizing! The word itself means “seal”, as in ‘a device used to join two things together to prevent them from coming apart’.

By: Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

Finally, Election Day is nearly here! On November 1st, the sun now in Scorpio is in harmony with Neptune in the water sign Pisces. The themes of creativity and sensitivity blend with the urge for self-expression. An increased interest in spiritual or ethical values is possible. Cultural and community activities such as music, art or charity work can benefit during this time. Time spent out in nature also can help many to relax and feel inspired.

Late on the 2nd and early on the 3rd Mercury, the planet of communication, is in passionate Scorpio speaking to Pluto, the planet of power in Capricorn. This is a good time to overcome negativity or self-defeating attitudes. Conversations are penetrating and negotiating skills are enhanced now. This is an excellent time for research and psychological insight, as well as for those whose work depends on communications.


Have a love for chocolate but deprive yourself the joy of eating it? Chocolate has many benefits which include contributing to a healthy heart, reducing stress, and even higher intelligence. Try our Molten Chocolate Cake recipe that captures the true flavor of your favorite desserts using healthier ingredients than traditional recipes.

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