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Miraval Moments, shared by guests, colleagues, and collaborators.

Reflect | Feb 27, 2024
7 Ways To Honor Your Group’s Wellbeing At Miraval Austin

Read to learn how one group rediscovered themselves, each other, and a sense of wonder and awe after attending the three-day Elevation Retreat at Miraval Austin last fall.

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Reflect | Aug 7, 2023
In Reflection: A Writer’s Solo Trip to Miraval Arizona

Kate Donnelly shares her recent solo getaway to Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa. Learn about each of her experiences.

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Reflect | Jun 28, 2023
I AM Inspired

Get to know Diego Silvestre Miraval Austin's Culinary Stwearding Lead. In this video, meet Diego and discover how he enjoys his time in the kitchen and how Miraval Austin supports his wellbeing.

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Reflect | Mar 30, 2023
I AM Transcendence

Get to know Miraval Arizona's Spa Therapist, Lolita Leal, and learn how she uses her wisdom learned from Native cultures to see beyond what is visible and to help guests move beyond conventional limitations and live a better life.

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view of desert landscape path and mountains
Reflect | Mar 8, 2023
WHO Wants to know more about our Great Horned Owls?

The owls will continue to hold the Miraval Arizona property as their home and encourage their offspring to go elsewhere to find their own environment and mates.

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Reflect | Mar 7, 2023
You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup: NAMI Team Gets a Miraval Austin Refill

The NAMI HelpLine team visits Miraval Austin to recharge.

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Reflect | Feb 23, 2023
I AM Inspiration

Get to know Miraval Austin’s Equine Specialist, Paula Basden, and learn how she inspires people to grow into—and show up as—their best selves.

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Reflect | Dec 21, 2022
Elevation: Diverse Women's Wellness Retreat at Miraval Arizona

Even those of us who study and promote mental health, like me, sometimes find ourselves confronted with new information that helps us level up our own practices and thinking.  We get incredible opportunities to learn. This is the incredible opportunity I had in 2022 by partnering with my friends at Miraval Arizona.

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Reflect | Dec 21, 2022
7 Mindful Moments At Miraval Resorts

We use the word mindfulness a lot at Miraval Resorts, a place whose whole mission revolves around creating a life in balance through its lens.

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