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Reflect | October 6 2022


I Am Growing

Celebrating Our Colleagues

Get to know Hannah Paitoo, Miraval Resorts area leisure sales manager, and learn how she takes each opportunity that comes her way to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Tell us about your journey at Miraval Resorts.

My journey at Miraval Resorts has been so unexpected and something I am grateful for. My husband and I quit our jobs in Columbus, Ohio, packed up our cars with all our belongings, and moved to Austin, Texas, where I knew I wanted to enter the hospitality industry. I was googling hotels in the area and started interviewing for various positions, but none of them excited me or felt right. It wasn’t until I came across Miraval Austin that I found an opening for a leisure sales coordinator position. This position supported a sales team that works with luxury travel advisors, and, having been a travel advisor in Ohio, I instantly knew it would be a match.

After working as the leisure sale coordinator for 18 months during the opening of the resort, I knew I was ready for my next step to grow into a leisure sales manager. I applied for the position at our newest destination, Miraval Berkshires, and was elated when I got the promotion. Now, three years into my career with Miraval Resorts, I am an area leisure sales manager, representing all three Miraval Resorts properties in our luxury travel advisor segment. I love that my day-to-day is always different, and I get to utilize all the skills I’ve learned in my various positions.

What do you enjoy most about being a Miraval Resorts colleague?

I love working for a company that genuinely cares for its employees as they do for guests. Because of this care, I am very proud to work for Miraval Resorts and what we stand for as a company. I also love sharing the Miraval Resorts experience with my friends and family, who may not have ever had access or even known that they needed to come to a place like this. Some of my proudest moments as a Miraval colleague come from hearing my friends share their trips with me and their ‘Miraval Moments’ or breakthroughs.

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What brought you to Miraval Resorts & what keeps you here?

It is the belief in the power of mindfulness and living a life in balance. I believe in the power of self-care and self-growth (every book on my bookshelf at home will prove this) and am always interested in trying new-age modalities to better myself. Working for Miraval Resorts, a global leader in wellbeing and mindfulness, brings inspiration, fun, and incredible experiences to try!  A large part of my job is talking to advisors about the experiences available at each resort. Therefore, I’m lucky to have participated in many of them and visited the three destinations. My favorites have been our Challenge Courses, Cardio Drumming, An Unforgettable Canvas, Floating Meditation, and Shinrin-Yoku.

What have you learned from your time at Miraval?

I’ve learned that we often take for granted the skills that make us superheroes to others. Many people don’t realize that just showing up as yourself and being the best person you can be is enough and all anyone expects. We don’t need to be anything other than our authentic selves.

I’ve also learned to lean into being uncomfortable, as that is when growth happens. Don’t be afraid to say yes to new opportunities, especially ones that may scare you or that you don’t feel 100% prepared for. Say yes, ask questions, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and know that people genuinely want to see you succeed.

What is the best part of your day?

The best part of my working day is all the people I work with daily. I truly believe it’s the people within our organization that make up our amazing culture. I love being a manager and having a team of four people who I get to support. I am very invested in their growth, success, and happiness, and it brings me joy to support them however I can.

I also truly enjoy working with our amazing clients and travel advisors, many of who have become personal friends to me. We work with some incredible travel professionals, and I genuinely enjoy supporting them and their clients however possible. The best part of my day when I’m on the road attending industry conferences or events is meeting many clients face to face for the first time, that I’ve been working for years. There’s nothing better!

The best part of my day personally is being able to create a work-life balance, unplug, log off and spend time with my husband, Michael. We both travel together often, so if we are on the road or at home, we scout the next new restaurant to try.

How does Miraval help you create a work-life balance?

Through the many resources available that encourage us to have a healthy balance between our devices and work. We are encouraged to unplug on our days off and recharge.

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What is your Miraval “i am” word, and why did you choose it?

i am Growing

I chose this word when I started at Miraval Austin in January 2019 as a leisure sales coordinator. I was hungry to grow within the organization, and 18 months after I started, I secured an opportunity to grow within the company and professionally as a leisure sales manager. I believe in the power of manifestation and the law of attraction, so when I moved to the Berkshires and was asked again what I wanted my word to be, I still chose “Growing.” Since I started in the Berkshires, I’ve received more opportunities to grow as a leader with my responsibilities, and I am excited for what is next!

Is there a story you would like to share that people at work might not know about you?

I recently got married on June 3 to my husband, Michael Paitoo. We got married in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, surrounded by family and friends, and had the best day ever. We both can’t wait to be parents and start a family together.

Would you like to share something about your ancestry, family, culture, or background?
Many people don’t know I am half Japanese, a quarter French, and a quarter German. My dad was born in Japan and was adopted when he was only a few months old by an American family stationed there (my adopted grandfather was in the Army). I’ve never been to Japan, and I look forward to checking that off my bucket list sometime soon!

Wellness Award 2022 Virtuoso Travel Luminaries, Legends, and Leaders

We are thrilled to announce that Miraval Resorts & Spas has been awarded the 2022 Virtuoso Travel Luminaries, Legends, and Leaders awards in the Wellness category!

Congratulations and a special thank you to Hannah Paitoo and Candace Taylor who represented Miraval Resorts & Spas at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, NV.

We are honored to receive such recognition and deeply grateful for the support of our guests and community.

Celebrating our Colleague i am Series

Stay tuned and keep checking back in this space for an ongoing celebration of our Miraval Resorts colleagues. We are excited to shine a light on our colleagues’ “i am” statements in the upcoming months as we share the stories of their unique talents, passions, and personalities. Learn more about how their word informs and balances their work and personal journeys.