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Unplug | April 2 2023


Heads in Beds

By Araxe Hajian 

We plan our meals, we plan our workouts, we plan our days. And yet, when it comes to the third of our life we spend sleeping — how many of us have a plan?


“We believe a good night’s sleep is a basic necessity to your wellbeing,” says Susan Fowler, who named her company Down to Basics based on this very concept. Founded more than 25 years ago, Down to Basics specializes in the light and lofty down comforters and pillows that make Miraval’s beds so blissful. Made of the highest-quality down and adapted duvet covers, the bedding sets are known for their breathability. A Swiss Batiste cotton shell with high-quality Hungarian down, for example,
has longer filaments and larger clusters, allowing it to remain more plush without the undesired weight and heaviness of other lower-quality fillers. Down pillows, too, adjust to the shape of the head and the neck of the sleeper. Designed to last for decades, these comforters are also preferred for their cleanliness. “The down products can be washed and dried (be sure to dry thoroughly to bring down back to its fluffiness), which is why they’ve been adopted by some of the world’s top spas and hotels,” Susan says. “When taken care of, a down comforter will last 20 years and beyond, which is just pennies per night to sleep in lofty luxury.


At Miraval, these fluffy and inviting comforters and pillows are part of the resort’s signature sleep ensemble, which can be purchased at the Raindance Pass Boutique. And once you have the “how,” it’s important to learn the “why.”

Miraval Arizona Sleep & Dream Specialist Leah Bolen leads intentionally curated workshops, activities, lectures, and meditation practices designed to support healthy sleep. “Sleep is not a luxury,” says Leah, “but the essential elixir for a healthy body and mind.  Clocking your Zzz’s is vital for your brain and heart health, immune system, and weight control.”
In her courses, guests learn techniques to improve sleep drive, foster healthy circadian rhythms, and quiet the mind for a more restful night.  Bolen also teaches guests how to understand and work with their dreams of the night. “REM sleep is our most dream-fortified phase of sleep,” Leah explains. “It plays a key role in regulating emotions, improving memory, and facilitating creative problem-solving.  It’s amazing what you can do in your sleep!”

Give yourself the healthy sleep your body and mind deserve.

Our Bedding Ensemble Includes Comforter, Featherbed, Duvet, Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, four Pillows, and four Pillow Cases.

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