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person walking in labyrith
Unplug | Dec 9, 2021
The Power of Fun

In the craziness of our everyday lives, we think of fun as a frivolous afterthought—that is, if we think of it at all. It’s nice when it happens, but when it comes to our priorities, it’s often at the bottom of our list.

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catherine price
Be Well | Unplug | Nov 22, 2021
Renewal and Reconnection

Scientific research has found that even if it feels awkward at first, in-person interactions with loved ones is hugely beneficial for both our mental and our physical wellbeing.

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sign that reads unplug be present digital device-free area
Unplug | Jul 30, 2021
Unplug & Be Present

When guests come to Miraval they are required to unplug from all digital devices, including cellphones, laptops, and tablets so that they can focus on living in the present moment and be more aware of their surroundings.

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cellphone sleeping bag beside a bed
Unplug | Mar 15, 2021
Digital Mindfulness With Dina Fenili

Miraval’s mission of creating life in balance through mindfulness has been guiding individuals to elevate their wellbeing for over 25 years. From our innovative spa treatments to our enriching wellbeing classes and healthful cuisine, we strive to offer our guests tools for living a mindful and balanced life long after they leave our properties. This includes a vision for relating to our digital devices with balanced boundaries.

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rock labyrinth with miraval logo
Unplug | May 5, 2020
Creating a Sacred Labyrinth at Home

Labyrinths are serene, patterned paths that invite you to walk mindfully in a form of moving meditation. Focal points of holy spaces for thousands of years, labyrinths are incredible tools for developing self-compassion and liberating yourself of emotional burdens.

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phone keyboard and plant
Unplug | Apr 13, 2020
Easy Tips for Practicing Digital Mindfulness

As soon as you arrive at Miraval, we give you a cell phone sleeping bag and ask you to keep your phone tucked away in it while you’re on property. By the looks that we get, this is clearly a very scary request.

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person walking barefoot on a rock and sandy path
Unplug | Apr 24, 2018
5 Benefits of Unplugging

In a world where being tethered to the Internet and social media 24/7 has become the norm, going hours without checking for updates seems somewhat unsettling. However, there are plenty of benefits to switching to airplane mode occasionally.

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