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Tips and techniques for practicing digital mindfulness, unplugging from our devices, and tuning into the present moment.

Unplug | Apr 2, 2023
Heads in Beds

Bring Miraval's suite sleep home with down to basics bedding

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Hand holding crystal ball
Unplug | Sep 9, 2022
Retrogrades: Reversing Our Perceptions

Hold onto your hats, Miraval Family: We're going retrograde!

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Unplug | Aug 22, 2022
Leadership In A Digital World

Technology is a double-edged sword. It lets us log in remotely and work from anywhere but it also keeps many of us perpetually tethered, even when we need a break.

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Woman in robe looking at landscape holding a cup of tea in her hand
Unplug | Jul 5, 2022
Digital Mindfulness: Social Media

Despite the claim that social media apps exist to “connect” us, they often make us feel isolated and alone.

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Be Well | Unplug | Feb 14, 2022
Soften Into Self-love

February brings opposing forces together in many ways: Cold feet, warm hearts. Long nights, short month.

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Tarot cards on colourful blanket
Unplug | Feb 9, 2022
Consult The Cards

Tarot as Meditation. Whether you are new to the tarot or have a stash of dog-eared decks stacked on your shelves, you can follow along...

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Person doing meditation in sunset
Unplug | Feb 8, 2022
10 Tips For Meditating With The Tarot

You can meet the meditation process halfway by using the tarot as your vehicle. We’re already indoors and diving under blankets.

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Miraval journal
Unplug | Feb 7, 2022
A Love Of Letters

Summon Your Inner Scribe. Think about the last time you received a handwritten note in your mailbox.

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Person going swimming in cold lake wearing gloves and toque
Be Well | Unplug | Jan 18, 2022
Fuel Your Inner Fire

As the New Year’s festivities end, January can deliver a dose of chilly gloom. How can we combat the dreaded winter blues?

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