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Person doing meditation in sunset
Unplug | February 8 2022


10 Tips For Meditating With The Tarot

You can meet the meditation process halfway by using the tarot as your vehicle. We’re already indoors and diving under blankets. Let’s delve a little deeper into ourselves and develop a practice of consulting the cards.

Three tarot cards

Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution

  1. The artwork and focus can vary greatly, so take some time to select a deck that resonates. They range from the popular Rider-Waite decks to more esoteric or modern interpretations like the Day-of-the-Dead-inspired Santa Muerta Tarot or the inclusive Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution, featuring BIPOC artists and poets.
  2.  Find a clear and quiet space—a table, desk, or floor.
  3. Introduce yourself to the deck and announce your entrance.
  4. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and fan them out face down with your non-dominant hand.
  5. Close your eyes to wake up your senses and ask an open-ended question (silently or out loud) for introspection.
  6. Without overthinking it, reach for the first card that beckons and turn it face-up.
  7. Focus on the images and artwork. What feelings do the colors and themes evoke in relation to what you asked?
  8. Most decks come with a guide that explains the significance of the card. Notice your response to it.
  9. Practice reading the cards regularly to get used to the process of visual listening and trusting your intuition.
  10. Jot down your thoughts in a journal, even if they are disconnected ideas or images.