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leaves from green plant
Be Well | Nov 23, 2021
Miraval Resorts Partnership with NAMI, the National Alliance of Mental Health

When the world needed it most, mental wellbeing became Miraval Resorts’ primary focus in 2021. Our renewed commitment to ...

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Be Well | Unplug | Nov 22, 2021
Renewal and Reconnection

Scientific research has found that even if it feels awkward at first, in-person interactions with loved ones is hugely beneficial for both our mental and our physical wellbeing.

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bedroom interior
Be Well | Oct 14, 2021
Tips to Improve Sleep for Holiday Travels

For many of us, the holidays mean travel and sleeping in unfamiliar rooms and beds. Those unfamiliar surroundings can make getting a good night’s sleep challenging. Try these tips to improve your sleep when you’re away from home.

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person laying on a comfy bed
Be Well | Jul 27, 2020
Miraval's Sleep Experience

"Sleep is such an integral part of our daily lives and has a direct correlation with our overall well-being. Guests want to feel comfortable and refreshed ...

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person laying on a comfy bed
Be Well | Jul 1, 2020
Blame it on the Bedding

Healthy sleep is a major cornerstone of our personal wellbeing. Without it, our bodies do not get the opportunity to recharge and restore, both mentally and physically.

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Be Well | May 28, 2020
Loving Kindness Meditation

As a meditation practice, Loving-Kindness can systematically help us to forgive hurts from the past, feel compassion for others, and deepen ...

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Be Well | May 1, 2020
The Perfect Miraval Bath

Is there a better day than Friday to take a luxurious, relaxing bath?  We don’t think so.  Below you’ll find ideas and tips on how to create a perfect bath from our acclaimed spa director, Simon Marxer.  Happy soaking!

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room with two beds
Be Well | Apr 3, 2020
Bring Miraval Home With These 5 Tips

Many of us are homebound right now, feeling lost without the same routines and spaces that typically bring us calm. In this new reality, it’s important to ...

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Be Well | Jan 14, 2020
Three Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner

Valentine's Day means so much more than lavish gifts and roses. It’s an opportunity to show your partner what they mean to you and...

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