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Recipes, shopping tips, nutritional guidance, spiritual nourishment, and stories from our organic farms and gardens.

Pumpkin Spice Cookies
Cultivate | Oct 3, 2023
Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Enjoy the perfect cookie recipe that is filled with the flavors of fall. This recipe makes a lot of cookies, so share them at your next social gathering or work party!

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Cultivate | Jul 10, 2023
How to Marke Good Grocery Store Choices

You’re not alone if you are confused about choosing healthy foods at the market. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choices.

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Cultivate | Apr 3, 2023
Cocoa Pancakes

Make these easy Cocoa Pancakes that are the perfect morning indulgence. These dessert worthy gluten-free pancakes are sure to be a treat!

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Cultivate | Jan 2, 2023
Petite Filet with Cranberry Demi

This beef tenderloin with red wine cranberry sauce is the perfect way to impress your guests!

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al fresco food
Cultivate | Aug 3, 2022
Recipes for Al Fresco Dining

Wind down summer with this sweet and spicy grilled chicken recipe—perfect for al fresco dining before the cooler temperatures send us indoors. Pair it with a fruity and refreshing peach margarita that will add some fun to your outdoor gathering.

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Miraval aprons in different colours hanging on wardrobe
Cultivate | Jul 5, 2022
Preparation, Preservation, And A Quick Pickle

Miraval’s Mindful Side of Culinary Series with Sam Blumenthal

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quinoa and almond butter mini muffins
Cultivate | Jun 8, 2022
Quinoa and Almond Butter Mini Muffins 

Inspired by the complimentary snacks available at Miraval Berkshires' The Roost, these mini muffins are perfect for grab 'n' go breakfast and snacks this summer.

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Wyndhurst Mansion
Cultivate | Jun 8, 2022
Miraval Berkshires’ Signature 1894 Tasting Dinner

I recently sat down to Miraval’s newly debuted Signature 1894 Tasting Dinner* and instantly remembered the first time I experienced the magical mastery of this type of meal.

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Beautiful decorated food with flower
Cultivate | Jun 6, 2022
Food Meditation For Fulfillment

Miraval’s Mindful Side of Culinary Series

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