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Fitness, meditation, and yoga tips to help you stretch and stay fit.

Flow | Sep 2, 2022
Hitting The Green
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Flow | Jul 6, 2022
Pilates Moves To Stop “tech Neck” Now

Keep your head in line with your spine as you scroll—and find out how simple Pilates practices can prevent pain and rescue your posture.

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Fitness centre
Flow | Feb 17, 2022
9 Moves To Reboot Your Glutes

Have you ever forgotten how to perform a super simple task just because you haven’t done it in a while?

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Flow | Jan 24, 2022
9 Yoga Lessons From The Mat

Yoga can help us feel a greater sense of belonging, acceptance, and meaning in a life that often throws us curveballs.

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White pillows and blanket on queen bed
Flow | Jan 6, 2022
Stretch In Bed: 5 Stretches To Start The Day

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Especially now that it’s frosty outside? You are not alone.

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person doing yoga pose outside during sunset
Flow | Sep 11, 2020
 Seven Reasons To Practice Yoga

Yoga, Sanskrit for union, is a spiritual practice that stretches our bodies and minds harmoniously.

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person sitting cross legged
Flow | Apr 27, 2020
Five-minute Meditation Practice For A Mindful Morning

You don’t need endless free time or hours of training to meditate. We believe meditation can be done in any environment and in as little as five minutes.

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person carrying 5 pound barbell
Flow | Apr 21, 2020
Best Bodyweight Exercises to do in your Living Room
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person's hand in a meditation state
Flow | Apr 9, 2020
4 Steps to Begin Your Meditation Practice

You may have heard about the benefits of meditation for your body, mind, and spirit, but never tried it out yourself.

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