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two donkies
Flow | May 24, 2022
7 Lessons from a Donkey

Last month, I spent a whole morning with Mabel and Maisie, two Sicilian donkeys who came to Miraval Berkshires from ...

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person sitting cross legged
Flow | Apr 27, 2020
Five-minute Meditation Practice For A Mindful Morning

You don’t need endless free time or hours of training to meditate. We believe meditation can be done in any environment and in as little as five minutes.

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person carrying 5 pound barbell
Flow | Apr 21, 2020
Best Bodyweight Exercises to do in your Living Room
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person's hand in a meditation state
Flow | Apr 9, 2020
4 Steps to Begin Your Meditation Practice

You may have heard about the benefits of meditation for your body, mind, and spirit, but never tried it out yourself.

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person doing yoga tree pose outside on a rock
Flow | Mar 31, 2020
6 Moves for Proper Posture

We spend our days bent over a computer screen, running after kids, doing household chores – activities that can take a toll on our joints and cause neck, shoulder and back pain in the long run. But the good news is that we can dramatically reduce these outcomes by practicing proper posture.

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person meditating outside on a rock
Flow | Jan 22, 2017
The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is not only a practice that increases our ability to gain insight into ...

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