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person sitting cross legged
Flow | April 27 2020


Five-minute Meditation Practice For A Mindful Morning

You don’t need endless free time or hours of training to meditate. We believe meditation can be done in any environment and in as little as five minutes. This week, we invite you to take five minutes each morning to practice this meditation.  Doing a meditation practice each day can help you clear your mind, unplug and be present.

Here, we’ve broken the meditation down minute by minute.  We hope this will prove simple enough to help you create a daily meditation routine at home as you strive to create a life in balance.

Minute 1

Breathe deeply – Rest your hands on the tops of your thighs. Inhale for a count of four and exhale for a count of six.

Minute 2

Let go – Simply attend to the natural quality of your breath and notice the rise and fall of the abdomen and chest.

Minute 3

Stay focused – Continue to be aware of your breathing and visualize each thought as a
floating cloud that you let drift away. Try not to linger on any one thought.

Minute 4

Relax – Release your focus on your breathing and remind yourself that there’s nothing to do, fix, or change.

Minute 5

Give thanks – Purposely transition your thoughts to bring thankfulness into your day.

If you think a guided meditation might be better for you, we recommend the apps Headspace and Insight Timer.