No two journeys are alike.

wellness Experiences

Wellness Experiences

for every intention

We offer hundreds of life-enriching experiences ranging from exercise physiology, wellness counseling, and outdoor adventures to sound bathing, chakra balancing, and meditation.

We meet guests wherever they are — spiritually, physically, and mentally. A central tenet of mindfulness is the capacity to see through a beginner’s eye. We welcome guests at every level, from novice to expert. At Miraval, we never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

pioneers in their respective fields

Miraval Specialists

Our healers, masters, and pioneers listen closely and guide guests on a custom journey that breaks down barriers and invites their best self to shine. They are wellness counselors, psychics, beekeepers, artists, astrologers, nutritionists, yogis, chefs, and fitness experts.

Customized For You

One-on-one sessions

Sometimes life’s challenges are personal; other times, they are universal. For a more intimate approach, our specialists meet guests privately to offer tools for navigating changes, elevating health, processing grief, and more. Private sessions are for anyone who wants to go beyond a class or workshop for a one-on-one tailored experience with world-renowned experts.

inspired experiences, for every intention



    Boost and balance your mental and physical health. Feel Himalayan gongs resonate or tour the stars with an astrologer. Meditate to mind your body and mend your mind or find creative flow through art.

  • from farm to table


    Look through the eyes of a beekeeper at our on-site apiary and marvel at the magic of Miraval’s bees with honey tastings, workshops, and immersive beekeeping experiences. Take a tour of our organic garden and taste freshly sprouted herbs and vegetables.

  • challenge yourself

    Outdoor Adventure

    Spark vitality under verdant Palo Verdes in Tucson. Run, climb, or paddle among mallards and white-tailed deer in Austin. Shift to snowshoeing, ski archery, and cross country in Lenox. Step out of your comfort zone and confront your perceived limits on our coast to coast challenge courses.

  • Meet our equine colleagues


    The Equine Experience has helped guests for over a quarter-century. Hoof in hand with skilled equine therapists, our gentle and highly intuitive horses reflect human emotions and reveal behaviors that help you learn about yourself.

  • breath in, breath out

    Yoga & Fitness

    Choose a yoga, fitness, and Pilates style to suit your own. Indoors, outdoors, or on hanging silks, our classes range from quiet, breath focused practices to high-intensity workouts. Get fit in the pool or at our state-of-the-art Body Mindfulness Center

  • at Wyndhurst Manor & Club


    Exclusively at Miraval Berkshires, mindful Golf goes beyond perfecting your swing to help you become more self-aware. Play the tree-lined fairways and naturally contoured greens of our classic 1926 Van Kleek & Styles 18-hole course.

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Culinary & Cultivation

Drawn from our own organic gardens and hives, our ever-changing dishes celebrate diverse textures and flavors.



Life in Balance Spas

Enter the award-winning Life in Balance Spa, where innovation meets tradition.