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Meet our Chef

Executive Chef Justin Macy leads the entire Miraval culinary team with a quiet confidence and genuine love for creating healthful dishes that don't sacrifice flavor or texture. Justin has been featured in publications such as EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Epicurious.com, SpaFinder.com, Fitness Magazine, and SHAPE Magazine. Plus, he has been a part of television show filmings such as Giuliana & Bill, The Tennis Channel's Fit to Hit, and The Dr. Oz Show.

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Meet Justin Macy

Justin Cline Macy is the Executive Chef at Miraval Resort & Spa where he has honed his culinary skills and expertise in Spa Cuisine for the last 13 years.

Although trained in Spa Cuisine, Chef Macy enjoys exploring the nuances of other cultural cuisines. He pushes the boundaries in his cooking by combining the flavors of international cuisines while still staying true to Spa Cuisine’s goal of creating a healthy, nutritional and appetizing plate. Chef Macy's food mission is simple: “I enjoy the challenge of taking delicious, but highly fatty dishes and transforming them into meals with sensible calorie counts and full-flavored, complex tastes. It really blows people away.”

During his time at Miraval, Macy has appeared as a guest on several national broadcast shows such as Oprah and Millionaire Matchmaker. He has also developed the “Evening with the Chef” weekend series which features tiered tasting courses and wine pairing suggestions. In addition to his culinary duties, Chef Macy is a contributing author to the Miraval Mindful Eating Cookbook™ and co-author of Sweet & Savory Cooking with his wife Chef Kim Macy. Justin also developed the In-Villa Culinary program for Miraval residential Villas which caters to private owners, celebrities and high profile guests. In his free time, Macy enjoys participating in cooking competitions such as his repeated visits to Bend, Oregon for the Sage Brush Classic.

Macy has trained under such Spa Chef Mentors as Chad Luethje, Bill Wavrin and Cary Neff. Chef Macy credits his career success to years of training and commitment but also to his family. The passion for all things culinary has been his blood for generations - both Macy’s Mother and Grandmother worked in various Chef roles in commercial kitchens throughout Arizona.

"The food at Miraval is to die for. Who would have thought you could get this kind of food at a spa?”

— David J. San Diego, California

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Culinary Classes & Workshops

Learn healthy cooking techniques during our hands-on culinary classes or sit back and relax while our chefs expertly prepare your meal in our demonstration kitchen.


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Shop Miraval Cookbooks

With the much anticipated release of the Mindful Eating cookbook (May 2012) and the newest culinary masterpiece Sweet & Savory Cooking (January 2014), cook hundreds of Miraval's signature dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen.