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Mental Wellbeing Creates

A Better, More Resilient World

The National Alliance on Mental Illness

We all need to prioritize mental wellbeing, which is why Miraval is proud to partner with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Since 1979, NAMI has worked to educate and advocate to improve the lives of people with mental illness and their loved ones.

Miraval Resorts & Spas Joins

NAMI StigmaFree Workplace Advisory Council

Working together to empower organizations to support people’s mental wellbeing through expanded awareness, fostering a culture of caring, and improving access to support.

Sensory Journeys Video Series

Experience the soothing sights and sounds of nature wherever you are.

As part of our mission to share mental wellbeing resources with the world, we have created a Sensory Journeys series. Each Sensory Journey includes a meditation and mantras created by Miraval Specialists, plus a soundscape for serenity video to invoke an autonomous sensory meridian response.

a cactus
Miraval Arizona


Yoga and meditation teacher, Alysa Volpe, leads you through a contemplation practice to help you focus and strengthen your ability to recover after a challenging experience.

Mantras & Meditations

Soundscape for Serenity

pink and purple flower
Miraval Berkshires


Explore how you can tune into gratitude to become more mindful of your connections in your community and with the people around you alongside meditation instructor Will Boyce.

Mantras & Meditations

Soundscape for Serenity

water flowing down rocks
Miraval Austin


Intuitive and Spiritual Guide Steven Ross explains how gratitude can help shift our perspective, give greater meaning to personal connections, and expand our capacity to give & receive.

Mantras & Meditations

Soundscape For Serenity

orange and yellow flowers
Miraval Arizona


Join Miraval Specialist Lyndi Rivers to explore how moving through a body scan that includes soothing visualizations of color and light allows your mind and body to relax and renew.

Mantras & Meditations

Soundscape for Serenity

bunch of pine cones
Miraval Berkshires


Relax into a guided meditation with spiritual coach and outdoor guide, Mark Gerow, as he shows how we can give thanks and attention to Mother Earth, and her environment.

Mantras & Meditations

Soundscape for Serenity

field of blue flowers
Miraval Austin


Join yogi & meditation practitioner, Susan Currant, in a calming practice as she guides your breath to curb the chaos of mental chatter, and focuses your awareness on the present moment.

Mantras & Meditations

Soundscape for Serenity

Discover More

Inspiring Workplace Wellness

Colleague & Guest Wellbeing

Miraval Resorts and NAMI are set to develop information and programs designed to help care for Miraval colleagues so they may consciously explore the connections of body, mind and spirit, and embrace the present moment both in and out of the workplace.

Sensory Journeys

NAMI Hearts & Minds

NAMI Hearts+Minds is a wellness program designed to educate and empower you to better manage your health — mentally and physically.

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Mindfulness & mental wellbeing

Miraval Partners With NAMI

In 2021, the Miraval and NAMI teams launched a series of events and programs that aim to promote the intersection of mindfulness and mental wellbeing, which are more important now than ever in today’s world



Miraval Resorts & NAMI launched a series of virtual and in-person sessions designed to help care for Miraval guests and colleagues so they may consciously explore the connections of body, mind, and spirit and embrace the present moment.

A special thank you to all our NAMI guest speakers and thought leaders who have shared mental wellbeing resources with us.

Dr. Ken Duckworth, Chief Medical Officer of NAMIYou Are Not Along: The NAMI Guide to Navigating Mental Health
Rachael Steimnitz, Director of Workplace Mental Health at NAMI-NYCFrom Burnout to Balance: Learn What Burnout Looks Like and How to Stop It
Dawn Brown, Director of the Cross-Cultural Innovation and Engagement (CCIE) Task Force of NAMI.Let’s Talk About It: Holding Space for Race, Equity & Diversity in the Workplace
Dr. Christine Crawford, MD, MPH Associate Medical Director of NAMI. How to Set Boundaries & Have Difficult Conversations with Colleagues
Jessica Howell, Manager, National Education Programs Outreach Research, Support & EducationEmpowering Self-Love & Self-Care For Each Other & Our Teams
Nikki Rashes, Senior Manager, Programs & Digital Training Delivery Research, Support & EducationBuilding Mindful Habits When You're Stressed & Tired
Our Three Locations

Arizona, Austin, Berkshires

When you are ready for real-life wellness experiences, Miraval is here to guide your journey to a life in balance.

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