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Conscious nourishment in the pursuit of wellbeing

Culinary at Miraval Resorts

Conscious nourishment and the pursuit of wellbeing are the roots of the Miraval journey, inclusive of culinary, nutrition, and cultivation experiences. 

Miraval Resorts curates the most mindful journeys for all guests to expand their culinary sense of wonder through unique nutrition and cultivation experiences. We’re empowering you with tools and philosophies to create life in balance through culinary inspiration, education, and discovery.

Elements of Miraval

Culinary Philosophy

Eat mindfully, morning to night

Beyond Dining

At Miraval Resorts, memorable culinary experiences aren’t limited to restaurant meals. You’ll have opportunities to experience mindful eating through afternoon appetizers, fresh smoothies, inventive cocktails and other treats, along with classes and hands-on demonstrations that combine healthy living, eating, and learning.

two cocktails
Three Distinct Locations

Eat Local, Wherever You Go

At each of our resorts, food selections celebrate the distinct tastes and textures of that location, featuring fresh and local ingredients—many from our very own gardens. Regardless of location, every balanced menu reflects our core tenet: mindfulness at every meal, in every moment.

Miraval Arizona

Miraval Arizona

Spend sunset sipping on prickly pear tea in our Cactus Flower restaurant while watching the mountains turn pink and purple.

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Miraval Austin

Miraval Austin

Miraval Austin’s Executive Chef creates the most delicious plant-based dishes. Savor them outdoors and take in tranquil Lake Travis views.

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Miraval Berkshires

Miraval Berkshires

When was the last time you dined in a Gilded Age mansion? Miraval Berkshires’ 1894 restaurant allows you to do just that.

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Watch. Learn. Cook. Eat.

Life in Balance Culinary Kitchens

At each location, our state-of-the-art educational facilities are home to our signature hands-on culinary workshops, as well as special events and celebrations. Open and experiential, each of these spaces allows you to learn alongside Miraval Resorts’ culinary experts. You’ll gain practical knowledge about how to add flavor and texture to meals without compromising their wholesomeness, and leave with new interests and insights to use at home.

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From our kitchens to yours

Top Recipes From Our Kitchen

Our chefs provide tools and recipes for creating a life in balance through culinary inspiration, education, and discovery. Try recreating these Miraval Resorts favorites at home.

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person putting a log into a bbq

BBQ Chicken Bowl

A healthy bowl full of bbq chicken and coleslaw topped with avocado slices! It’s everything you love about summer barbecues in a bowl!

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breakfast egg muffins

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Wake-Cup with our Registered Dietitian, Sami Blumenthal, and feel fulfilled and refueled with a  naturally sweetened or savory muffin cup.

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cooked brussel spouts

Brussel Wings

Try our recipe from the latest addition to the Coyote Moonl bar menu: Brussel Wings.

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