Life in Balance Culinary Kitchens

Designed in partnership with Williams Sanoma - Miraval's immersive Life in Balance Culinary Kitchens offer unrivaled, hands-on cooking experiences to help forge pathways to nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Cut to the Core of Conscious Cooking

Our philosophy of mindfulness in the kitchen shapes how we view food — its production, preparation, consumption, and relationship to the people and community it nourishes.

Mindful eating begins at Miraval

Through rotating, seasonal menus and interactive cooking classes like "The Secret Art of Sauces" at Miraval Arizona and "Pasta A Mano" at Miraval Austin. Our acclaimed Life in Balance Culinary Kitchens support and encourage our guests to be mindful about what they put into their bodies.


At our signature restaurants, we create inventive, nutrient-dense menus that not only help
you live and feel better, but also sustain the health of our environment by minimizing waste in every opportunity.



Explore our new Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen, created in partnership with Williams Sonoma. We encourage you to learn alongside Miraval's culinary team and gain insights into healthful and flavorful recipes, ingredients, and conscious cooking practices. Throughout the Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen you'll find Williams Sonoma's best-in-class products, each of which was hand-selected by Miraval chefs and curated so that you can easily create these dishes in your own home.

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From Passion to Palate

Our chefs work mindfully to cultivate whole, seasonal ingredients at the peak of their
freshness, paired with our curated list of wines and organic cocktails.

This is about you


Find comfort in knowing our culinary experts take the nourishment of your mind, body and spirit to heart.