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Meditation with MaryGrace Naughton

Every day at Miraval begins with a morning meditation. It allows us to start the day with a moment of serenity and to get in touch with our minds, bodies and breaths before we head off to the challenge course, ranch or spa.

In meditation, the frequency that we practice is more important than the length of each practice, meaning that if you meditate for five or ten minutes every day, you will get more out of it than if you do a 30-minute session twice per week.

The benefits of a daily practice are enormous, especially in these trying times. After a few short sessions, you’ll begin to feel more energized and focused and less stressed and anxious. These positive results will only compound as you continue your daily practice.

Breath Concentration, Healing Visualization, & Loving Kindness

Meditations with MaryGrace Naughton

“Meditation is about being present with ‘what is’ while doing our best to let go of judgement and cultivate equanimity.”
– MaryGrace Naughton

To help you on your way, we’ve made three brief guided meditations led by MaryGrace Naughton, yoga and meditation specialist at Miraval Arizona, available for you to download for free. We hope that you will find some peace in these meditations and that you return to them each time you need to feel grounded or inspired.


Track 1. Introduction & Breath Concentration
Track 2. Healing Visualization Meditation
Track 3. Loving Kindness Meditation


MaryGrace Naughton
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