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Unplug + Be Present

Miraval Mode

Mindfulness is the core of the Miraval philosophy. From check-in through check-out, we encourage all guests to put down their digital devices and enjoy life in the present.

Our digital device-free environment empowers guests to participate in the Miraval experience fully and free from distraction—and gives you permission to unplug entirely. Trust us: what can be challenging at first quickly feels liberating. In fact, some guests are reluctant to return to their devices after check-out. Welcome to Miraval Mode. You may never want to leave.

Miraval Mode Guidelines

What We Ask Of You

It’s simple: we ask that you use technology only in your own room or designated locations.  This allows you to be present in the moment, as well as respectful of your fellow guests.

Pre- And Post-Miraval

Know Before You Go

Prepare for Miraval Mode before your journey begins. Learn what to expect when you unplug.

Everyday Digital Mindfulness

Stay mindful and resilient as your mindfulness journey continues in ‘the real world’.

Mindful Tips to Help You Unplug

Out of Office Message

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Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

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Go Analog

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Wear a Watch

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Digital Mindfulness Pocketbook

It can be challenging to unplug and resist the urge to check your digital device. We encourage you to remember why you chose to visit Miraval Resorts.

Explore our pocketbook with tips, journal prompts, and more to help you remain present in the moment.

digital wellness ambassador

Meet Catherine Price

Miraval’s Digital Wellness Ambassador helps people scroll less, live more, and have fun. A science journalist, speaker, and author of How to Break Up With Your Phone and The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again. She’s the creator of, a resource hub dedicated to helping people create healthier relationships with technology, and get back in touch with what brings them real joy.

Catherine Price
The Science Behind Miraval Mode

Digital Mindfulness, Wherever You Are

Mental Wellbeing

Sleep & Stress

Leading with Wellness

Social Media

From us to you

Free Tools For Your Mindfulness Journey

These challenges and downloadable tools will help you set healthy boundaries with your digital devices and inspire you to live more mindfully—anywhere, any time.

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