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Digital Mindfulness

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Digital Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the core of the Miraval philosophy. In everything we do, we encourage our guests to live in the present moment, conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body, and spirit.

Creating life in balance begins with being fully present and engaged at the moment. Our digital device-free resort lets guests participate in the Miraval experience free of distraction — and gives them permission to unplug. We ask everyone to use technology only in designated locations to practice being mindful of the moment and respectful of fellow guests.

enjoy the beauty around you

Be in nature

Being outside in nature can positively affect mental wellbeing while improving moods and outlooks on life. We encourage you to off the digital devices and find a serene space for peace and quiet reflection.

Put your phones to sleep

Unplug, be present

We created a cell phone sleeping bag and bed to symbolize the relationship between unplugging from our devices and resting and resetting our bodies and minds. When people discover the authenticity of in-person, real-life connections, their world begins to expand.



Miraval Mode

In order to foster a tranquil environment for all our guests, please understand and adhere to “Miraval Mode” during your visit.

MIRAVAL MODE allows you to unplug and be present. Miraval guests are required to unplug from all digital devices (including your cellphone and tablet) and focus on living in the present moment with an awareness of their surroundings. Leave your phone in your cell phone sleeping bag you receive at check-in, place it in its cell phone “bed” and enjoy living in the now.

We understand that you may want to capture your experience on your phone camera, and we encourage you to do so, but be mindful of the other guests on the property. In addition, in consideration of those around you, please refrain from using digital devices to take notes in lectures/workshops. Complimentary notepads and pens are provided for your convenience. If you do need to use your digital device outside of your room, we will show you the designated areas on the property where device usage is permitted. Please keep your devices and notifications on silent or in airplane mode.

During your visit, you may notice some of our colleagues on cellular devices – rest assured this is our means for taking care of our guest’s needs and maintaining our beautiful property. Please understand that you may be approached by a Miraval colleague to terminate cell phone or digital device usage in areas not designated for digital devices. Please be mindful of guests around you when using your device in designated cell phone areas.

Tips & tools for cultivating digital mindfulness



Enjoy these digital device downloads to use as lock screens for your desktop, tablet, or cell phone.

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Tune in May for our signature video series that provides practical tools and awareness of digital mindfulness.

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