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From beekeepers to tarot card readers to artists and chefs, our skilled specialists illuminate a path to a better you.

Whether you’re one-on-one in a private session or diving deeper in a multi-day immersion program, our specialists listen closely and guide you on a custom journey that breaks down barriers and invites your best self to shine.

Meet Our Specialists

Registered Dietitian

Kiely Laverly

Kiely is a mother, yoga instructor, and registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and 15+ years of experience integrating nutrition into the health and wellness industry.

Registered Dietitian

Makenna Baum

Makenna Baum is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for intuitive eating and keeping things simple.

Artist, BFA, MFA, ASID

Cynthia Miller

Cynthia’s multi-panel artwork celebrates nature’s scintillating array of colors. Her unique compositions of kiln-infused glass onto burnished copper panels sparkle in direct light. They are featured at the resort and collected internationally.

Spiritual Holistic Guide & Sacred Facilitator

Jess Holzworth

Jess has a background as an international award-winning music video director. She is a certified spiritual life coach and sacred facilitator.


Ashley Celeste Leal

Ashley infuses her readings with the wisdom of 25 years of practice and study of astrology, yoga, Taoism, and Jungian psychology. Astrology’s language of symbols helps us understand ourselves.


Tina Powers

A former news anchor, Tina humorously refers to her psychic work as “reporting for the other side.” Sensitive since childhood, Tina left broadcast news and tapped into the power of her intuition.

Wellness Counselor, MA WPCC

Michelle Fraley

Michelle combines her training in clinical psychology, holistic life coaching, yoga and meditation to offer guests a unique approach to optimizing their wellbeing.

Wellness Counselor, Life Coach, Certified Yoga Therapist, M.Ed

Lisa Frank

Lisa's integrative mind-body approach empowers guests to move into greater health and happiness. She has been a counselor since 2004 and is also a certified yoga, meditation and mindfulness instructor, holistic life coach, and yoga therapist.

Spiritual Jewelry & Crystal Educator

Carolyn Fike

Carolyn, a certified yoga instructor, spiritual jewelry creator, business owner, and mantra meditation practitioner, guides guests with fun offerings that sparkle with her knowledge of gemstones and crystals.

Registered Dietitian

Nancy Teeter

Nancy is a registered dietitian who is passionate about guiding people to make good choices every day for longevity and health.

Brennan Healing™ Practitioner, MA, MBS


A professional certified coach and Brennan Healing practitioner, Tejpal has more than 20 years of experience coaching executives in a business context.

Spa Specialist

Clinton Horner

Clinton worked and trained in traditional massage practices and studied Ayurvedic life and principals at the Chopra Center in India prior to joining the Miraval family 22 years ago..


Janet Rae Orth

Janet brings 25+ years of experience as a renowned intuitive leader in meditation and clairvoyant awareness. Her innate gifts guide her as a spiritual counselor to offer insight, clarity, and understanding to others.

Sleep & Dream Specialist, CDP CSSC

Leah Ann Bolen

Leah, a certified dreamwork and sleep science coach, helps guests improve sleep health. During her 30-year, award-winning corporate career, she witnessed how much sleep and dreams support productivity, personal growth, and achievement.

Crystal Arts Practitioner

Lindsey Banis

Lindsey’s experiential workshops guide guests to naturally connect to their highest organic self through trust, clarity, intuitive wisdom, and awareness as an integrative Healing Arts practitioner and Certified Crystal-Healer.

Equine Manager

Lucinda Vette

Lucinda works with a horse’s innate sensitivity and aptitude for social connection to expand human potential.

Spa Specialist, Path of The Jaguar

Lolita Leal

Lolita’s spiritual journey began in childhood and continued at Miraval over 24 years ago. Her first exposure to shamanism, through a Curanera (Mexican folk healer), introduced her to the magic of indigenous energy medicines.

Healing Arts & Intuitive Medium

Rae Jessie

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Rae Jessie has traveled the world empowering others on their journey. With her unique vision for growth and healing, she shares wisdom and love through personal readings and workshops that create profound and transformation

Professional Artist & Creative Specialist

Bonnie Pisik

As an international selling artist, specializing in the unique art form of Reverse-Painting under Glass, Bonnie created painting workshops exclusively for Miraval.

Resident Beekeeper & Sommelier

Noel Patterson

Noel founded Dos Manos Apiaries in Tucson, AZ, to establish natural, treatment-free beehives and created the flagship apiary at Miraval Resorts. He offers classes, immersive experiences in beekeeping and wine tasting.

World-Renowned Psychic

Maggie Garbarini

Maggie is an internationally recognized psychic consultant and holds innate intuitive abilities.

Integrative Wellness Specialist, LMSW, C-IAYT

Lyndi Rivers

Lyndi skillfully blends 20 years of social work in trauma and nervous system regulation with a long-time yoga and meditation practice to empower guests with practical and spiritual strategies that support wholeness.

World-Renowned Psychic Medium

Alexandra Nicol

Alexandra is a psychic medium from Scotland who has channeled spirits since childhood. She uses information from the departed to help their loved ones by exploring metaphysics as the fundamental nature of being.

Trauma Specialist

Brent Baum

Brent, an internationally lauded trauma specialist, lecturer, and author, has spent 15+ years working with trauma survivors.

Music Specialist

Richard Noel

Richard’s love of percussion and global rhythms from his Trinidad and Tobago roots inspired him to become a REMO-endorsed facilitator using music as a creative expression outlet for corporate and community groups.

Intuitive & Spiritual Guide

Kristin Reece

Kristin is a psychic medium, intuitive, and spiritual guide with 10+ years of professional coaching experience. She offers compassionate understanding, deep listening, and a safe, honest environment.

Professional Photographer, BFA

Nancy Schroeder

Nancy has captured landscapes, moments, adventure, and art photography for over 20 years. She documented her travels through North American scenic trails for adventure companies such as REI, L.L. Bean, and Eastern Mountain Sports.



Take your Miraval journey to a deeper level of focus with exclusive multi-day masterclass programs. Each immersion is unique, where you’ll explore specific intentions and receive comprehensive tools and techniques to help you achieve your wellness goals.