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Who we are & where we come from

About Miraval Arizona

There’s something about the Sonoran desert. Maybe it’s the consistent sunshine—a reliable 350 days of it each year—or the imposing Santa Catalina Mountains.

Perhaps it’s the land itself. Some swear there’s magic in the earth here, and we won’t say otherwise. We see magic happen here every day. Whatever the reason, it’s simply easy to feel well here. Which is why this was a perfect place for Miraval Resorts to be born. Our original wellness destination in the singular Sonoran Desert has bloomed; inspired resorts have since been born in other regions across the country. But there’s only one Miraval Arizona. Welcome.

Mindfully Miraval

Welcome to Miraval Resorts. Our luxurious wellness destinations are designed to help you create a life in balance through mindfulness. With pioneering programs, exclusive spa treatments, nourishing cuisine, and world-class wellness specialists, Miraval Resorts wants you to live your best life—whatever that means to you.

How It All Began

Part experiment and part personal dream, the first Miraval Resort & Spa opened its doors in 1995, right here in the warm shade of Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains. What began as a single sanctuary for anyone hoping to acquire tools to regain balance, restore health, and live a life in balance has since evolved into a collection of inspired wellness resorts—and Miraval has grown into a world leader at the intersection of mindfulness and travel.

That Sonoran Stillness

Deserts have long been associated with spiritual experiences and enlightenment. Beautifully barren landscapes are somehow ripe with opportunity for personal growth. Perhaps it’s the peaceful silence. The stillness. 

Of course, the Sonoran Desert is a rich ecosystem, teeming with life. You might spot a javelina leading her babies on a morning walk, wobbling unsteadily on disproportionately tiny feet. You could hear the yearning yodels of distant coyotes, or feel the vibration of frenetically flapping hummingbird wings. 

Still, the Sonoran Desert inspires a slow pace of life. And slowness, of course, invites mindfulness. Encourages us to be present in the exact moment we’re in. Breathing the earthy desert air. Admiring the astonishing blanket of stars and pondering our own place in the Universe. Exploring new activities, new interests, new flavors. Creating a life in balance.

Distinctive Desert Design

The Miraval Arizona experience fully embraces the desert in every way possible, with architectural and landscape design that takes its cues from our wild natural surroundings. Our property teems with native plants and cacti. Our paint colors complement the landscape. Because inspired design is in the little things. And you’ll find desert inspiration in every space, on every plate, and in every activity. Ever a reminder: you are here. Be right here, right now.

Miraval Mode

Unplug & Enjoy

Miraval Arizona is a digital device-free environment. Our intention is to support you in unplugging and enjoying the moment you’re in—so you can have the most rewarding and inspiring experience possible.

Authentic Circle Loyalty Program

By becoming a member of our Authentic Circle program, you enjoy exclusive perks—our way of expressing gratitude for your loyalty to Miraval Resorts.

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World of Hyatt

Miraval Resorts is a member of the World of Hyatt brand family, which means our guests can earn and redeem Hyatt points at each of our luxurious locations.

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Miraval Resorts Origins

Part experiment, part personal dream, Miraval opened its doors outside of Tucson, Arizona in 1995 as a sanctuary for people seeking balance.

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