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Intended to Inspire

Events at Miraval Arizona

Never stop growing. From seasonal festivities to exclusive workshops to lectures from visiting experts, our carefully curated wellness programming informs and inspires.

National Culinary Arts Month

Jul 2024

Celebrate the launch for Miraval’s NEW Cookbook ‘Recipes For Life in Balance” with our chefs and culinary teams at Miraval Arizona. Their creativity and passion will inspire you to expand your palate and take home conscious cooking skills for mindful eating.

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Other Upcoming Events

Holiday Wellness & Joy

Celebrate Life in Balance this holiday season with wellbeing offerings intended to open hearts, eyes, and minds to the beautiful wonders, big or small, that surround us in ou...

Dec 2023

Immersion with Rae Jessie

Explore the depths of your inner wisdom and unlock the potential of your gifts. Led by Miraval Specialists Rae Jessie and Alexandra Nicol, this exclusive 3-day immersion will...

Dec 3 - 6 2023

Authentic Circle Appreciation Week

We’re thrilled to welcome our most loyal guests for this weeklong event filled with special offers, exclusive programming, and exciting festivities only available to AC...

Dec 11 - 17 2023

New Year, Renew You

Step into the new year feeling refreshed and renewed. Let us inspire you to unleash your inner adventurer or harness the benefits of mind-body wellness. Gain tools for living...

Jan - Mar 2024

Bond With Balance

Embrace the enchanting winter season to soften into self-love and nurture your cherished bonds with others. Making space for introspection and connection can help you bring y...

Feb 2024

Women’s History Month

At Miraval Arizona, we celebrate the resilience, strength, and achievements of those who identify as women throughout history and in the present moment. Honor their impact by...

Mar 2024

Sleep Awareness Month

We celebrate Sleep Awareness Month with exclusive offerings and services to help you get your best rest.

Mar 2024

Spring Renewal

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit under the radiant Sonoran Sun with all-new wellbeing experiences indented to help you feel enlightened.

Mar - May 2024

Mother’s Day Weekend

Celebrate the people who embody the spirit of motherhood in your life. Whether they are near or far, present or departed, Miraval Arizona can create a container to hold and e...

May 10 - 13 2024

Women’s Health Week

Whether you’re continuing an ongoing wellness journey or embarking on a new one, our compassionate wellbeing specialists are here to help anyone who identifies as a woman pri...

May 12 - 18 2024

Celestial Summer Events

Experience the magic of Miraval under the stars. Soak up the energy-filled moonlight in the Sonoran Desert with exclusive Celestial Summer programming.

Jun - Sep 2024

Father’s Day Weekend

Embrace the outdoors, indulge in healthful cuisine, and discover endless opportunities to build a stronger bond with Dad at Miraval Arizona.

Jun 14 - 16 2024

Season of Gratitude

Celebrate the season of gratitude with a special menu of gratitude-focused activities and offerings. At Miraval Arizona, we empower you with the grounding tools to help you c...

Sep - Dec 2024

Yoga Month

Celebrate National Yoga Month at Miraval Arizona. Reconnect with your personal yoga practice or expand your routine with new and innovative Yoga classes. 

Sep 2024

Authentic Circle Appreciation Week

We’re thrilled to welcome our most loyal guests for this weeklong event filled with special offers, exclusive programming, and exciting festivities only available to AC...

Dec 9 - 15 2024



Plan your transformative wellness journey with our esteemed visiting specialists as they guide you through exclusive private sessions.



A former news anchor, Tina humorously refers to her psychic work as “reporting for the other side.” Sensitive since childhood, Tina left broadcast news and tapped into the power of her intuition.

2023 Dates:  November  10 – 12, 2023 (Immersion) | November 30 – December 3
2024 Dates: January 18 – 21 | February 15 – 18 | March 14-17 | April 18-21 | May 16-19 | June 20-23


Maggie is an internationally recognized psychic who consultant and holds innate intuitive abilities. Maggie has graciously shared her gifts with Miraval Arizona guests for over 20 years.

2023 Dates: November 2-5 | December 7-10 | December 30 & 31
2024 Dates: March 7-10 | April 4-7 | May 2-5 | June 6-9 | July 11-14
Special events &


Join us in the courtyard to connect with local artists, artisans, and boutique partners and celebrate their work. Plus, deepen your understanding of the many unique mindfulness tools used in some of our wellbeing experiences, and more.

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