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Reflect | November 20 2020


Celebrating 25 Years of Wyatt Webb

As you enter Miraval Arizona’s Purple Sage Ranch, you step onto a field of lush, green clover surrounded by a valley of mesquite trees, cholla cactus, and purple-hued mountains. This is the home of Wyatt Webb and Miraval’s signature Equine Experience, where guests and colleagues alike discover personal insights aided by gifted facilitators and naturally intuitive horses.

We are honored to be celebrating Wyatt Webb’s 25th anniversary with Miraval, not only as the founder & creator of the Miraval Equine Experience, but as an incredible human being who has created a better world around him.

Wyatt’s Miraval journey began in 1995, where he facilitated group workshops that brought guests and horses together. You might not have heard much about equine therapy 25 years ago, but if you came to Miraval, you would not have missed Wyatt’s signature workshop “It’s Not About The Horse” or “The Equine Experience.”  Wyatt understood the power of working with horses, and their unique ability to reveal fear-based and negative behaviors that we tend to hold onto. It is in these workshops where his salt of the earth, authentic cowboy personality combined with his generous kindness, created a supportive space where people could feel vulnerable, yet safe enough to share their stories about personal grief, self-doubt, and trauma. Through this exchange, Wyatt is able to share wisdom and therapeutic practices that empowers people to reclaim their birthright and live a life full of joy and happiness.

Wyatt not only created these incredibly unique and healing experiences, but he has helped thousands of Miraval guests and colleagues discover how to live as their authentic selves, improve communication, heal fear and trauma and learn to live in the moment.

With Wyatt’s wisdom and guidance, our Miraval Equine facilitators today are able to help people find a new way to move beyond pain and suffering, patterns of the past, self-doubt, or fear to a path that leads to joy. Our guiding purpose at Miraval is to give everyone the tools to live a more balanced, present life. The equine programming at Miraval Arizona complements the numerous other classes, workshops, meditations and treatments to enhance the overall guest experience and leave them feeling rejuvenated and a better version of themselves.

“I can teach you a few basic equine skills that will keep you safe in any barn in the world, but we’re here to look at your experiences — what you’ve learned over the course of your lifetime that either works for or against you in your relationships. People don’t always need a huge aha moment. You give them a little light at the end of the tunnel, and they’ll go toward it.” – Wyatt

Thank you, Wyatt for 25 years of countless memories and lessons. Join us as we reflect on Wyatt’s past 25 years with a special video.

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