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Be Well | February 18 2022


Wellbeing With Intention

By Araxe Hajian

At the beginning of every year, we hear a lot of talk about intentions. We begin with the best of them. As the year goes on, it can become challenging to find motivation for fulfilling them. Sometimes we lose sight of what they were. We can get disappointed and feel like we are not living up to our expectations.

How do we stay on course?

First, understand the difference between an intention and an expectation.

Intentions open us up to all of the possibilities and free us from a predetermined outcome.

Expectation narrows the field and attaches us to a specific result or series of actions.

If we can focus on our intentions as being tied to choices—ones that are organic, individual, and authentic—we can loosen the bonds that superglue us to the demands of others.

When we get really clear on our intentions, we can adjust our expectations to be achievable and realistic. We can use things like journaling, meditating, and reading to help us stay in our lane. And when we need an extra bump?

Try out Miraval Resorts’ Journeys with Intention, a series of 11 pathways designed to help people identify their intentions and find tools for fulfilling them.

It starts at home with an experience planner who will talk to you (either on the phone or by email) to understand your needs.

Once you arrive, everyone from meditation instructors and hiking guides to spa therapists and staff steers you toward affirming your intentions in any experience— while enjoying a meal or learning a new skill.

An intention is energy that shifts hope into action. If your intention is to elevate your wellbeing, then Miraval Resorts can help you manifest it.

Explore the 11 journeys below.


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Mental Wellbeing

Intention – De-stress and feel grounded while you explore and improve your overall
mental wellbeing.

Benefits – Tools for thriving in any situation and resilience practices for everyday life.

Reconnection Getaway

Intention – Reconnect with friends and family, or celebrate milestone events
(bachelorette retreats, anniversaries, or reunions).

Benefits – Deeper connections with loved ones through bonding experiences and celebratory moments.


Intention – Unwind, pause, and let go of the stressors of everyday life.

Benefits – Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by cultivating mindfulness and grounding practices.

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Intention – Rediscover yourself with a solo getaway for reflection, self-care, or adventure. Tend to your mental, spiritual, and physical needs.

Benefits – Quiet time with yourself, unfettered exploration, and a sense of renewal and calm.

Spa Experience

Intention – Find serenity in a sanctuary that elevates physical, spiritual, and mental wellness with nurturing spa therapists who
customize one-of-a-kind body treatments.

Benefits – Feeling restored and refreshed with peace of mind, a connection to inner beauty, and glowing, hydrated skin.

Culinary & Nutrition

Intention – Explore how to cook healthy and flavorful food with ingredients and whole-food combinations that benefit the mind and body.

Benefits – Creative cooking techniques and take-home recipes that help you make nourishing meals and experience the joy of
mindful eating.

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Outdoor Adventure

Intention – Harness the healing power of nature and get in touch with the outdoors to tune into yourself.

Benefits – A sense of connected calm or exhilarating adventure in awe-inspiring landscapes with expansive outdoor activities.

Couples Retreat

Intention – Reconnect with your original purpose as a couple by becoming a better listener and communicator. Celebrate a mini-moon, babymoon, or wedding anniversary with your partner.

Benefits – A deeper bond and appreciation for your loved one.

Grief & Loss

Intention – Find solace and process grief, loss, or a life transition with compassionate
experts who hold space and offer support.

Benefits – Tools and encouragement from Miraval Specialists who help you adjust to life after loss or transition.

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Leadership Fulfilment

Intention – Rediscover your purpose and recapture your passion as you work through mental and creative blocks. Fill your cup so you can guide your teams to become their best, most innovative selves.

Benefits – Communication tools that build compassion, empathy, and awareness in your personal and professional life

Fitness Focus

Intention – Dedicate time and energy for tuning into and toning your physical body from the inside out.

Benefits – Exercise and nutritional plans co-created with fitness experts who encourage and guide you during your stay and beyond.

Learn more about Miraval Resorts & Spas Journeys with Intention and begin planning your next visit to one of our destinations!