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Be Well | May 1 2020


The Perfect Miraval Bath

Recipes, Tips, Indulgences And More

Is there a better day than Friday to take a luxurious, relaxing bath?  We don’t think so.  Below you’ll find ideas and tips on how to create a perfect bath from our acclaimed spa director, Simon Marxer.  Happy soaking!


Add about 10 drops of your favorite essential oils to your bathwater to enhance your experience and remedy your aliments.

  • Relaxation: To be able to switch off and sleep at night use Chamomile, Sandalwood & Lavender
  • Stress-relief: In times of stress use Ginger, Black Pepper, Rosemary & Chamomile
  • Energize: If you are feeling sluggish use Patchouli, Rosemary, Grapefruit & Juniper Berry
  • Improve: To uplift your mood use Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Frankincense & Rose


  • For a truly luxurious bath, add in your favorite natural bath products. Try bath salts, essences of herbs and flowers and bubble-baths.
  • When using bath salts, be sure to add them while the water is running to dissolve the salts before you get in.
  • Make sure that the bath is the perfect temperature for your body – not too hot, yet not too cold.
  • When filling the bathtub, get in when it’s filled about halfway. That way you can feel the temperature and adjust it so it’s comfortable for you!
  • After the bath blot yourself dry and then apply body lotion, moisturizer or use your preferred product of choice to lock in moisture.
  • Pour yourself a warm cup of decaf tea.
  • Hop into bed for an early night or just read a book or magazine. Do anything that is relaxing to you.


  • Prepare your favorite snack (maybe some berries or grapes?) and place it within easy reach.
  • Infuse a cool glass of water with cucumber slices or lemon to sip on.
  • Spray aromatherapy oils onto 2 chilled towels to use on your face and neck to refresh you during your bath.
  • Arrange some candles in the bathroom to create a soft relaxing light.
  • Play relaxing music while you soak.
  • Bring a book you enjoy reading. This will add to the relaxation, by keeping your mind in one place and quieting your thoughts.
  • Have fluffy towels, pajamas, slippers and/or a warm robe on hand for when you hop out the bath. This will save you the trouble of trying to find clothes in your relaxed state.
  • Use soft bath towel pillow to rest your neck while in the bath.
  • Wet your face and apply a facial mask, then lie back and relax for as long as you want.
  • Remember to wash the mask off thoroughly and cleanse.
  • Apply a hair masque to your hair. To rinse, lay back in the bath and massage your scalp until you feel like all the product is out.